One decision I took in my childhood, that still defines me today, is that I
never bowed down to peer pressure. Not in school. Not in college. And not now.

I am fortunate to have many mentors, and I seek their guidance from time to
time. But when I finally take a decision, I go ahead with what I want to do, and
not what others want me to do.

When I decided to opt out of the summer placements at IIT Kanpur and apply
off-campus to universities abroad, everyone advised me against it. I opted out
of the process nevertheless. I did the same during the final placements, because
I rather wanted to explore a management internship instead.

When you take a decision without bowing down to peer pressure, you own that
decision and the outcome. Each of the decisions I have taken so far could have
gone horribly wrong, but I was okay with that because I knew that it was my

When you own a decision, you become much more confident in taking decisions in
the future. As a result, you will find yourself sailing through the journey of
life much more smoothly.

After all, isnโ€™t life all about taking decisions, every single day?


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Posted by Rohan Jain on LinkedIn