Nothing beats a positive mind.

Despite pandemic this is what I gained in 2020.

+ Received 4 awards from my office for best performance.

+ Got promoted to higher level (this was dream come true)

+ Increased my LinkedIn followers from 6000 to 25000 in 5 months.

+ Six of my LinkedIn posts got 15,000+ likes (8 lakhs view for each post)

+Helped 50+ job seekers to get placed in my company and other references as well
(all are through LinkedIn contacts)

+ Delivered 9 guest lecturer in top MBA colleges.

+ Visited 2 countries and 5 vacation (seriously I managed this)

P.S: Due to COVID I have lost my very close family members and a friend.

But if you are positive and concentrate only on good things you can beat all
negative things around you.

Let's connect and grow higher in 2021.