Not reported: We sold 0% equity in this raise.

We believe in bootstrapping so how'd we get $10m?....

Over the past 18 months we've come a long way helping bootstrapped SaaS founders
get capital.

- Founders click a button to turn MRR into upfront cash.
- Approving $1m+ per week (Did $2.2m this week alone)
- Over 1,500 SaaS founders connected to Founderpath
- Tracking billions in both revenue and expenses to give founders free reporting
- Doing this all with a killer 4 person team (we're not "raising at all costs")

The $10m we just raised is for our fund to keep supporting founders. We sold 0%
equity and love being bootstrapped.

I believe we'll help founders access $100m+ over the next 12 months. Thanks to
the 1,500 of you already using Founderpath!

Love you guys! <3

Originally posted by Nathan Latka on LinkedIn