Noom is dominating page 1 of the SERPs with content that's not their own.

When I was diving into their marketing strategy we found that, out of 11 results
showed on page 1...

* Noom paid for one search ad result

* Noom had one organic ranking page (from their support site)

* 7 of the remaining 9 were "reviews" with affiliate links

* The remaining 2 were reviews without affiliate links

This was for bottom of funnel search terms like...

* Noom pricing

* Noom reviews

* Noom vs [competitor]

Thought it was a really smart play.

Those lower funnel search terms are people who are almost ready to buy.

A message from Noom saying "we're so amazing" isn't going to be enough.

By incentivising third party reviews through affiliate commissions they can have
promotional pieces covering page 1 that appear to come from a more reputable

Posted by Pete Boyle on Facebook