"No one is listening"
I was stunned to read this quote by Howard Stringer - Ex CEO of Sony:
“Running a big company is like running a cemetery: there are thousands of people
beneath you, but no one is listening. It was a bit like that at Sony.”
Whoa! That is not just sinister but downright depressing (and frightening)!
Context - Howard had a very tough time trying to resuscitate Sony from its
decline. He left the Co without much to show in terms of results.
I re-read " Running a big company is like running a cemetery (gulp)... no one is
listening( partially agree).
In a small startup, you shout across the room, everyone hears, agrees/disagrees
& things happen. When the company occupies several floors, you send messages &
'assume' that folks pay attention. I don't have experience in messaging 1000s of
employees across continents.
Yet, I DO AGREE that messages DON'T generate the engagement that an entrepreneur
expects or 'was' used to.
My learning:
1. Messages that set rules, guidance etc will NOT get any instant feedback.
2. News that shares Company WINS, achievements get solid traction!
3. If you want engagement, link to an ANONYMOUS survey form that lets colleagues
share without being identified.
4. Message LESS for MORE attention!
What's ur experience?

Originally posted by Alok Kejriwal on Facebook
link: facebook.com/rodinhood