No matter how complex your enterprise SaaS technology is, if you want to prove
ROI to a decision maker and win a new customer, the best way to do it is: Fast.
And the fastest way to do it is: 8 words.
Or about 5 seconds.
The problem is that most 8-word product descriptions for B2B SaaS technologies
sound like this:
“Sync, Segment, and Send your Product Data Everywhere”
Or this:
"Powerful integrations for your products that optimize productivity."
Or this:
"Mitigate unfair bias with interpretable machine learning."
Yes, these claims summarize what each technology does.
But, for a technology priced $25K-$50K, would any of these claims actually prove
ROI to a skeptical decision maker?
Not quite.
The most glaring problem is that none of these statements proves why the
technology is better than any other option for solving the problem.
So it's not clear why anyone should invest in THAT technology vs another one.
For example, it's great that a technology provides:
"Powerful integrations that optimize productivity."
But how does this convince you to choose THIS technology over a different
And if this technology happens to be priced $25K-$50K per customer, how does it
convince you that this technology actually delivers a worthwhile ROI?
By itself, this claim doesn't tell you anything about ROI.
If you were the one selling this product, you'd still have to do quite a bit of
explaining about why it's a worthwhile investment.
Same with "Mitigate unfair bias with interpretable machine learning."
From this claim, is the ROI clear?
Not quite.
So what does it mean to prove ROI in only 8 words?
And what would that look like?
Well, here's an 8-word explanation where the ROI is obvious to the target
customer, medical device companies:
"Know your device works before you build it." (8 words)
This 8-word explanation is for a consultancy that offers sophisticated computer
simulation for medical device companies.
For a medical device company, having the ability to know their device works
before they build it means:
1. They can cut out most of their prototype and testing cycles
2. They can get to market faster
(make money sooner)
In other words, they can immediately see how this technology saves them money.
And how it makes them money.
a.k.a. ROI
But the most important thing is this:
This statement is noteworthy to this target customer segment because no other
product or service has ever done this before.
No other product or service in the medical device industry makes it possible to
know a medical device works before the device is actually built.
This means that, for a medical device company:
No other solution will save and make them money the way this technology does.
A decision maker hearing this statement will likely reach this conclusion very
quickly, if not instantly.
That’s the power of proving ROI in 8 words.
When the decision makers at your target companies see or hear a statement like
this, you'll definitely have their attention.
For example, in one quarter, one of my clients got 7x as many interested buyers
for his $75K tech offering just by switching to an 8-word ROI statement.
Instead of his previous explanation.
And he didn't increase his networking in any way.
If your enterprise SaaS technology does something that’s never been done before:
Does your product description not only tell decision makers what it does but how
it's better than all other options?
And then does it prove ROI in only 8 words?
So they know exactly why it's worth the investment right now?
Create a statement like this and you'll immediately increase your sales.
Happy to review and diagnose your 8-word SaaS product description.
Drop it in a comment below.
Happy to talk it through with you here or point you in the right direction.
**Note: This also applies to services as well**

Good to meet you!
~ Nkiruka (Kiki)

Originally posted by Nkiruka Nwasokwa on Facebook