No body can touch my confidence. All these years many tried & got tired. I never
listen to others except my consciousness & to the people who say things in good
intentions. I keep my mind open always & love learning be it a kid, stranger or
fresher. I believe in few concepts that I learnt practically & operate on those
values. Few years before a finance person came & tried to shatter my confidence
saying it will take all your life to close the loans. Being elder son, had taken
loans for family & having loans for houses, cars & gold loans. It’s huge. All r
good loans taken in banks. I could not sleep for two days. I took a snapshot of
this incident in mind challenged myself to close all loans. It’s a mammoth task.
It looked like Everest, Dark before me. All I had is a decision, dream, will
power, positive attitude, persistence & passion. Wrote down all loans in excel.
Decided to work hard. Had no idea when or how I will close. I closed all these
loans in 2 years from the date I decided. Called the finance person & thanked
him. What would have taken all my life was closed in 2 years. If you decide &
move forward u ll see the plan. Sharing this as many will have huge loans today
& it may look like Everest & Dark. Don’t worry if I can do it. You can also do
it. Hardwork Wins Big.

Originally posted by Suresh Kumar G on LinkedIn