Nifty Update
From their changelog:
Speed is the name of the game. If your workflow has to wait on load times, then
it's only slowing you down. That's why the 200% speed increase of Nifty's
desktop, browser, and mobile experiences is the spearhead of this update.
Performance Optimizations
Literally everything in Nifty loads faster. This includes our brand new iOS and
Android mobile apps.
Multilingual Support
Nifty is now available in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. You
can select your language from the profile screen of your settings. Support for
more languages as well as on mobile will be rolled out soon.
Guest Messaging
Team Owners can now engage in Direct Messages with Guests by accessing the
Guests' profile and starting a chat. At this time Guests can only send direct
messages to team owners only.
Expanded Bulk-Actions
Checkboxes for tasks have been converted into multi-select for quick actions
which means tasks can only be marked completed when opened. Now you can access
Bulk Actions in Kanban and Swimlane Views as well!
Share Boards, Roadmaps, & Docs
You can now create and manage publicly shared links for roadmaps, task-boards,
and docs with link descriptions for ultimate control.
Additional Improvements & Fixes
- Recurring Tasks now have the option to recur bi-weekly.
- Subtasks with due dates will now show up in all calendars.
- All calendar views now have the task filter bar enabled.
- All time tracked across projects can now be exported as Projects Progress
Report from the Overview screen.
- You can now also import custom tags & fields from Asana and ClickUp.

Originally posted by Tayshiro Kudo on Facebook