New Google feature:

I have just noticed a small image icon next to almost each result in the SERP
this morning, that opens up a gallery of images picked up from the web page in
the search result.

šŸ–¼ I think it's time to dust-off those photoshop skills, and get some good
click-baity images up on those pages, to manipulate a better CTR.

This feature is a potential new tool for us, webmasters, to be creative and very
slightly influence the CTR of your pages, by adding creative, relevant images
that the serachers will not resist and click on.

Not sure if this feature existed before, I have only noticed it this morning,
and I do search about 1500 times a day...

Would love to see some ideas around this, and how we can "exploit" this feature
if it goes mainstream. šŸ¤“

#google #serpfeature #serp

Posted by Fery Kaszoni on LinkedIn