Never ceases to amaze me how many SEO experts still believe that Ahrefs/Semrush
predict traffic accurately.

Those are both great tools but you need to understand how to use them, their
limitations, and exactly what the numbers you are looking at mean and how they
are produced.

For example, yesterday some apparent SEO expert decided that a page I showed him
that had 50 odd #digitalpr links to it was useless as it produced no traffic
because... you guessed it.... Ahrefs told him so.

It did not take me long to find a page from our own site that both AHREFS and
SEMRUSH claimed 0 monthly traffic but actually had over 1200 unique visitors in
less than two weeks.

Using tools to show traffic trends or visibility increases is fine. Especially
when troubleshooting or looking at comparisons but like any powerful tool,
without basic understanding of how the tool has derived its results, you are
then liable to not only use it wrong, but harm your client sites by reacting to
what you believe the tool is telling you.

That is why Tools should only ever be used to assist with your work rather than
what we are seeing more and more which is people/beginners completely relying on
such tools to carry out their work for them.

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Posted by Shai Aharony on LinkedIn