It is very important to network with the professionals in your industry, to get connected with the like-minded people, thought leaders, it helps you grow professionally, it can also bring you some amazing working opportunities.

And LinkedIn is the best platform to connect to such individuals.

LinkedIn is the ultimate personal branding platform but many fails to use LinkedIn to it's best due to lack of knowledge, confusion on how to use it, how to Optimise the profile to make it look approachable enough..

Are you one of those who can resonate with the last paragraph??

Here are few tips on Optimising your LinkedIn:

➡️ Your headline defines you on LinkedIn. Don't add any irrelevant stuff there. Keep it short and simple. It should be a summary of what you are professionally.

➡️ Profile Picture, upload a good photograph wearing formals. Don't upload selfie, or group photos there.

➡️ If you have experience, include your job responsibilities in detail. Not just the organization's name

➡️ Add your skills which you're really good at. Ask for endorsement from the people you've already worked with.

➡️ Add your project links.

➡️ Post relevant content on your LinkedIn feed with minimal hashtags. Don't clutter the post with hashtags

Need more tips?

Stay Tuned!!