Netflix India ...

Free advice before you get kicked out.

_When operating in India you must play by the rules of social structure of India
specifically with your originals that put 80% majority in lime light (they are
your major subscribers).

Large number of your originals are biased and show exactly opposite of what
India really is...

I know it’s business & fair enough but why not do it in a win- win way with
honesty, integrity & respect for other cultures and society you operate in ?

[ Bollywood is a very well done campaign by some isis funded people (Writers,
producers, directors & actors) to study indian Vedic culture and ruin that age
old family oriented culture from within (divorce rates are rampant ruining
social Fabric of India), damaging Hindi language & corrupting young mind thru
Bollywood storytelling ]..

so play by the rules Netflix (in Bollywood industry) ..

or remember tiktok ?

It was way bigger then all of Netflix ... & it’s gone now pufffffff

Just like that.


For further investments 💰 in India talk to Uttar Pradesh chief minister
directly ..
That’s where Indian entertainment industry has moved recently

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Posted by Jay Manchandaa on LinkedIn