Nazara - first Indian gaming company to IPO

What started as a telco game subscription business in 2000 has turned into one
of India’s largest gaming company.

Telco subscription business which accounted for 89% of their revenues in FY18 is
now down to 21%.

Today, 70% of their Rs 200 Cr revenue comes from emerging segments like esports
and gamified learning.

How did they transform?

The dotcom crash taught Nitish the importance of building a sustainable and
profitable business.

He used the telco subscription business to stay profitable without raising much

But users started to move towards smartphone games due to cheaper smartphones
and internet.

They used those profits to take the acquisition route to quickly enter new

In 2018, they acquired NODWIN Gaming which helped them enter esports gaming.

Thanks to NODWIN, Nazara now holds 80% of India’s growing esports market.

Then in 2019, they also acquired Kiddopia, which is a game-based learning
platform for kids.

This helped them establish a foothold in the US.

They also own popular games like World Cricket Championship, Motu Patlu and
Chota Bheem which continues to strengthen their position in India’s mobile
gaming segment.

What are your thoughts on their IPO?

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