(This I commented on someone's post. Thought it will help others and invite new
discussions, so sharing it in form of a post).

Many people classify nano-influencers and micro-influencers based on followers
count. Nano for something small and micro for something large.

This definition of nano and micro-influencers is incorrect. It is not based on
just followers count, rather how narrow their niche is. Else think of a person
starting today in the field of general jewelry and another person starting in a
specific form of handicraft-glass-and-stone jewelry. In few months both get 4k
followers. The first person is not a nano-influencer. But the second person is.

Nano influencers are most of the time working in a super narrow niche. And they
have followers who recognize that person as the leader in that super narrow
niche. For example, I was making a product that had got one form of ornamental
art known as Guilloche patterns. I came across a person practicing that art for
15+ years. She has got just a few hundred members in her Facebook group. If she
says anything it is taken as something written in stone by all members. That is
the power of a nano-influencer.

Also, nano-influencers "can" be more expensive than micro-influencers. But they
definitely work, if your product niche is the same as yours.

Many people think the opposite of nano, especially in terms of price.

I hope it helps.

Posted by Arjit Raj on Facebook