My org. hired a new CEO.
He started bringing his team from previous org. & after replacing heads at HO.
the focus started at regional level.

I was performing well so I was not perturbed.
I was called to H.O. for something urgent, which was my transfer, a message for
me to move on with dignity.

With three months in hand, I started looking for a job.
I could not share the development with my wife as she was expecting.

I updated my resume & contacted consultants.
But no progress, I started contacting competitors HR.
I contacted all my ex-colleagues & professional contacts.

I will go out daily as I was going to office & spend my day in cyber café doing
follow up & came back in the evening so that my wife doesn’t get a clue.

Two months passed without a single interview.

One afternoon I called my ex-boss, he was in canteen & luckily HR Mgr. was
sitting across, he asked me to hold while he chkd. with him.

He asked me to come nxt day as one RM had resigned.

I was interviewed but on hold.
I was from Tractors while this was a 2whlr co.

Ultimately they offered me at 8 pm.

With offer in my hand, I called my ex-boss whom I fondly called Dada to thank &
tell him what this job meant for me.

Build Relations, Strong Relations, They Help.

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Posted by Gurpreet Chawla on LinkedIn