My mentor lost his business at 32.

They took his mansion.
They took his BMW.
They took his office.

They left him with only his clothes.

He still had his family.

His second daughter was born in the hospital.

They couldn't leave the hospital because they had nowhere else to go. They tried
to stay, and eventually, couldn't.

So they slept in the car.

He eventually picked himself back up again.

He got a job working for a charity.
He would make back-to-back cold calls asking for donations.

It was a long way from his former lifestyle.

Cold calling taught him sales. That's where I met him.

He taught me about finance.

He taught me about property.

Most importantly, he taught me about the power of human connection.

He mentored me.

Then I hired him into an executive role at our startup.

When I walked away from it all, so did he.

We both went back to having nothing.

I got back on my feet.

I got a job in finance.

He did the same.

Last year he lost everything again for the second time.

You might think he's a failure.

But I don't.

His never give up attitude is incredible.

He no longer prioritises money anymore.

The lesson: it's not someone's status in society or title that counts. It's how
they think and who they become.

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Posted by Tim Denning on LinkedIn