My key takeaways for energy management from 2020:

1. Work in short deep-focused sprints
1.1. Cycle between productivity & recovery
1.2. Focus on quality over quantity of work
1.3. Outsource and assign

2. Optimize your sleep cycles
2.1. Focus on increasing your deep & REM sleep
2.2. Disconnect from technology an hour before sleep
2.3. Stop using bright lights an hour before sleep
2.4. Go out for a jog or cycle in the evening
2.5. Avoid caffeine after mid-day
2.6. Take a 20-minute nap after lunch before 2 pm

3. Train your body & exercise daily
3.1. Stretch for longevity
3.2. Strength train: when you're strong physically, you feel strong in all areas
of life
3.3. Train your heart: do cardio
3.4. Add some form of exercise each day

4. Optimize your nutrition
4.1. Eat real food as much as possible
4.2. Ditch sugar
4.3. Get your micro-nutritions
4.4. Use intermittent fasting a few days each week
4.5. Drink more water and stay hydrated

5. Recover to bring back your best performance
5.1. Get a massage each week
5.2. Use hot tubs, sauna
5.3. Go for nature walks
5.4. Do some form of pranayama each day
5.5. Practice a few minutes of mindfulness or meditation every day

Lastly, be joyful. Joy brings energy.

Posted by Rishabh Dev - Growth Marketing Consultant on LinkedIn