My journey started with a meagre salary.

It was very difficult to cover all of my expenses by it.

I tried a lot of other options to earn money.

Nothing seemed to work out.

I was failing in a lot of things and at the same time also losing hope.

I was naturally losing money in trying everything new.

Many options such as stocks and Network Marketing didn't work for me.

Then i found what I wanted to fo and I never looked back.

I found a mentor for me.

One should always find a mentor or guide who resonates with you.
He will surely be good at it because he has succeeded and learn it by doing it.

He should really be guiding you.

Mentorship doesn't necessarily requires money, sometimes you can help by doing
some part of their work. That way also, you can learn.

By the end, Focus and having mentors really took my career on some greater

PS I make (1 lack) every webinar through my online course after 3 years of

PPS- I am not bragging.If I can do,anyone can do.This is just to inspire one
person ,who is looking for a breakthrough.I may sound salesy ,but this is true.

Posted by Yanuj Sharma on LinkedIn