“My first startup failed, I was stuck and couldn't even find a job. What should
I do?”

I remember asking this question to myself a few years ago.

I was struggling in many areas.

1. I was stuck in my career and didn’t know what to do next.

2. I had tried many things but failed in most.

3. I had financial responsibilities but had no money to fulfill those

4. I didn’t know how to get clients

The list was endless

Thankfully on a Fb group, I read a post on how one person was getting leads
through LinkedIn and Upwork.

Then I decided to learn everything I can about LinkedIn and Upwork.

Invested all my money which I had in courses and learning lead generation

I remember working 12 -14 hours a day just sending proposals on upwork,
connecting with people on LinkedIn, writing content on LinkedIn about what I

And within a month I started seeing some results.

I was getting leads and was able to finalize some as clients.

Few things I realized at that time.

Never stop learning and implement what you learn.

And most important


There will be both bad and good moments in your life.

This is how life is.

It’s upto you how you respond in your bad times which will decide your future.

Posted by Naval Gupta on Facebook
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