“My favorite recruiter to follow on LinkedIn “

That’s what my headline says, a question I get a lot from recruiters is...

“Who should I follow in the recruiting industry, that puts out high value

Well here goes, here are some of my favorites:

Joe Mullings - Always extremely high quality production and message. A must
follow if you are a recruiter. He owns several businesses and is the Chief
visionary officer for MRINetwork.

Greg Savage - Greg has a blog and a book a
and has done everything you can in the recruiting world. A must follow.

🎧 Adam Posner 🎙 - Host of the Pozcast and putting out daily high value
content. A must follow.

Sean Anderson - Founder of Hoxo Media - Sean helps recruiting firms world wide
with their innovative marketing solutions.

Ryan Kovach - Ryan helps recruiters develop a marketing strategy and has been in
the business a few years 😉

Scott MacGregor ✴️ - Scott is the founder of an innovative recruitment firm that
helps startups. His whole team consistently produces high value content.

Ben White, MBA, CIR - A good friend and always putting out value content for
recruiters and candidates.

I’m curious to hear from my network, who is a must follow recruiter???

Tag them below, I’m looking for guests for my live show Season 3...

Posted by Joel Lalgee on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/bestrecruiterever1