My email open rate averages 58%.

That's 200% better than the global average. How? 👇

(It has nothing to do with testing or length).

Here's my last 5 subject lines and their open rate:

6 months (58%)
Speed (58%)
BOFU (59%)
Refresh (61%)
Christmas (57%)

Not very inspiring, are they...

So, why is my open rate so high?

It’s because time to value – from sign up to getting something actionable – is

I make a promise

They sign up

Seconds later, they have something practical.

If you can deliver on that, you’re golden.

The next time they see my name in their inbox, they expect the same value. They
open it, regardless of subject line.

(I have to continue to deliver value or they'll unsubscribe)

How can you get a better open rate?

1. Update your sign up form and add a sentence that promises them something of
real value (for ex. my promise is to share the number 1 content marketing

2. As soon as they sign up, deliver on that promise. Immediately.

That's it. That's how you build trust.

Forget “Welcome" emails or “Thank you” emails.

No one cares.

Your subscriber has trusted YOU with their email address.

Respect it.

Give them value.

The next time they receive an email from you, they'll open it.

Regardless of subject line.