My best content converts 80% of its readers.

I use a very specific technique but from the 3,000 super-targeted readers I‘ve
used it on, I've converted 1000's of leads.

It’s a 3-part copywriting technique that the experts use in their sales and
direct response marketing copy.

(I have a template below to help you increase conversion rates).

Here’s the process:

1. Create a listicle on a specific topic.
(i.e. "12 tips to choose a marketing automation platform").

2. Convert the content into a PDF.

3. Upload 75% of the content to your website.
(Instead of all "12 tips..", only publish 9 of the tips).

4. Implement the 3-part copywriting technique.
(Use it in the intro, middle and end - see template below).

5. Gate the full PDF (all 12 tips) at the end of the post.

That's it. That’s how I convert 80%.

Why is it so effective?

Most content ends with a generic CTA.

With this technique, your audience is buying into the offer (i.e. templates)
from the start and all the way throughout the piece.

It works really well.

And that’s why it’s used by the world’s best copywriters.

Want the exact template I use to convert 80% of my readers?

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