Designed for people who aren’t video makers

Do you own a business? Are you thinking of a new level marketing campaign for your business?


Recently, HubSpot created a video campaign for ShoreTel company with the idea of brand authenticity. 

This worked for them, and they were able to increase their revenue over a very short period of time.


Video Marketing can empower any business whether it is small scale or large scale.

 If you have a plan of video marketing for your business, then you have a chance to get ranked on the world’s largest Search Engine Platform, YouTube.


BTW do you know the fact that

“Every day, Facebook gets 8 billion views on its videos !”

I know that is a very inspiring fact. So you start making promotional videos for your business.After some brainstorming, you realized that making videos is not that much easy as it looks like in those click-bait YouTube tutorials.


Suppose, you are hiring a freelancer for the same. Then it is certain that he would ruin your budget as well as your expectation.


What if I told you that you can make highly engaging videos in seconds ?


A kind of game changer !

Say hello to Multimedia5.


Multimedia5 is a simple and smart platform.It helps you to create high-quality videos in seconds using the magic of AI.

Launched in: 2017

Developed by:


Category : Auto-Generated Video Creation Platform
Best for : Small or Medium Businesses , Enterprise and Individuals


 Why Multimedia5 ?

The Smartest Artificial Intelligence

Multimedia5 has the most powerful AI so that you don’t have to do much. Just sit back and relax while its AI chooses the suitable scene length for each frame. It also highlights the main keywords on each frame.


Its AI can analyze over 29 different types of web pages for converting any web page content to an engaging video.


Moreover, you don’t need to set the font size for the text on the frames. Multimedia5 will automatically do it for you !

The Extensive Library

Multimedia’s Library comes up with tons of elements which includes stock photos, videos, and soundtracks for your high-quality videos.

 The Drag-n-Drop feature in the library makes Multimedia5 easier to use.

You can discover tons of images or clips to embed it in your video. You can even filter your results by specific genres or themes.

More Weapons to you…..

Although Multimedia5 contains a lot of features, I have listed out only the main ones. Besides the above features, you have the power to create a Watermark so that your videos can't get stolen.

 Further, you can even select the brand color as per your business theme.


Why does someone like Multimedia5 ?

“ It's easy to use and you can upload a blog post and have it automatically create a video which is a great time saver”

Why does someone dislike Multimedia5 ?

“ During the initial days of using multimedia5, the UI looks a bit complicated for me. Since it’s an AI based tool, sometimes there are mistakes in the converted text.”

Hall of Clients

  1. Disney
  2. Eventbrite
  3. IBM
  5. Unesco
  6. FlipBoard

LifeTime Offer for Multimedia5

Grab the LTD licence in just 69$ (91% off)

What is in the Deal ?

  • 1 User
  • Royalty-free license
  • 5 GB Storage space
  • 120 Videos per month
  • 1080p Video quality
  • Reseller rights & 3rd-party commercial rights
  • Multiple brand presets
  • Access to branding features
  • White label preview
  • Upload your own music
  • Over 800 fonts
  • Text analysis & text-to-video technology
  • Intelligent media mapping
  • Standard media library + premium media files
  • Upload you own outro
  • No Multimedia5 logo
  • Video length up to 15 slides or 2 minutes
  • No credit scene