Mr. Beast just opened 300 burger restaurants simultaneously

If you don't know, Mr Beast is one of the largest Youtuber with 50 Million

So how did he do it?

From a marketing perspective, he leveraged his 50 Million audiences to push a
launch campaign which caused traffic jams when he did a pre-opening

From an operations perspective, he partnered with existing restaurants to use
their infrastructure since his restaurants are delivery only

More importantly, this shows how an influencer can leverage their brand to build
businesses instead of just promoting sponsored posts

When everything else becomes commoditized by technology, you don't even need an
actual physical restaurant to open a restaurant

What's now important isn't the actual real estate of a restaurant rather the
real estate of attention

Having said that, the product has to make sense with their brand and doesn't
necessarily mean they will succeed just because they have an audience

They will still need true operational capabilities that are either executed by
them or by COO partners

I've seen influencers opening restaurants that couldn't deliver on a good
product which eventually just gives them a bad name

What do you think?

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Posted by 👨‍💻 Jason Yim on LinkedIn