Most of the 'marketers' work with multiple brands & can't share everyone's
promotional content on personal profiles. Even most of us don't like to spam on
personal social profile on a regular basis, don't we? Here's the 3 step guide
you can follow to repay for not sharing & maintain a good relation with your

1. Join all the relevant FB & LinkedIn groups which can have initiative's target
audience & Share the promotional content. After all the company wanted 'you to
share' so they can reach out to more & increase the post reach. What's better
way to reach out to 1000+ targeted audience! Ami's post explains it at best:

2. Save & DM each post to 10s of your friends

3. Once in a while share the promotional content on 'stories', with value added
content around it
Ex: To promote xyz startup's post, initially share some valuable posts from
Facebook for Business, Google Small Business & then the actual content

Alternatively, test if your follower base is interested in a topic:
- On a single day share 5-7 excellent examples of recent innovations from across
- Add different interactions on each of the story (Ex: poll etc)
- If very few interact, they may not be interested in the topic & avoid spamming