Most candidates are experiencing remote on-boarding for the first time.
The major challenge has been to make recruits feel comfortable in collaborating
with a team they’ve never met before.

We’ve been trying different things to improve the on-boarding experience.

In our first couple of months working remotely, we welcomed new candidates on
‘chai-break’ calls.
We’d all get on a Zoom call, grab some tea & introduce ourselves.

Later, we started conducting icebreaker events - a great way for recruits to
make friends quickly and get settled in the team.

For about a month now, we’ve been hosting special quizzes in our company-wide
channel whenever someone joins us.

We add our own icebreaker questions inside Trivia (our fun & social app on
Things like, “What’s your favorite movie, TV show?” open up conversations

And once they do, connecting with the team becomes easier for colleagues.
Their first DM that to a colleague gets sent.
Their first suggestion in a meeting is given.

This way remote colleagues feel more comfortable and also come up to speed with

There other things we can do to make a remote employee’s first week great.

Some are linked in the comments section.

Posted by Kartik Mandaville on LinkedIn