More Leads is NOT equal to more sales!
Sadly, most people do not get this
Honestly, do you want to generate 100 leads a day whom you have to call email
chase negotiate & finally convert ONE!?
Or.. would you want two highly qualified prospects walk up to you asking for
your services?
You can continue scrolling if you prefer the former!
If you want to know how to generate Qualified Inbound Leads using LinkedIn, then
you're at the right place!
Hi, I'm Vaibhav Sisinty .. &
In the last couple of years I was able to
Get more than 250k followers on LinkedIn
Reach over 100M people through my content
Acquire 1000s of qualified leads worth thousands of dollars for FREE &
Convert them into sales ( or say select the ones I wanted to work with )
& before I tell you how I did it, let me tell you a bit more about myself..
I'm a Growth Hacker
I’ve been the Head of Marketing for Klook India and Middles East also have been
a Marketing Manager at Uber India and Latin America
I have worked with over 100 brands all over the world ( Upgrad, General
Electric, Zeta, PayTM etc )
I ran an award winning startup when i was 19 ( raised a round of investment too
I hope that was convincing enough?
So if you would like to learn all the strategies step-by-step
which helped me achieve everything mentioned above..
Then join me for my upcoming ..
* drumrolls * "5 Day LinkedIn Workshop”!
& it’s not your regular webinar a.k.a sales pitch!
It’s a 5 Day actionable workshop..
Sign up today & I will see you in the next LIVE batch..
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