More and more B2B companies shift their budgets from tradeshows and events to
digital marketing. And that's good. It was about time!

So.. What's wrong?

What happens next is crucial. In other words, what are they going to do with
that marketing budget.

Those same companies give their strategies to one of the people from their sales
or PR team. In every single company I talked with, that person is a woman. It
was a positive surprise.

But.. The problem is that those persons have no clue about what's happening in
the industry, no idea what works..

They are giving their best to come up with a strategy. No doubt about it.
My respect.

The issue is they've never done it! They've never even used GAnalytics.

And they have no one around them in the company they can talk to.

Noone to guide them through the process.

So.. What do you think will happen in the next months, when companies start to
implement these strategies?

Yeah, me too..

To move forward, those companies need someone with wider knowledge and
experience to help them overcome all the odds, to stabilize their lead sales and
income, and eventually grow and scale their business.

Marketing is that important.

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Posted by Nemanja Zivkovic on LinkedIn