Monthly PSA: update your old stuff, don't just publish new stuff 💫

Your best opportunity for increasing organic traffic short-term is in updating
the content you've already published, not (exclusively) publishing new stuff.

If you have the resources to do both, great.

But, for many teams, limited resources means prioritization is likely the
difference between hitting or missing goals.

If that’s you, and you’re not sure how you’re going to keep pace with aggressive
traffic goals in order to support the rest of your funnel, consider this––you’ve
likely already published the answer.

If you've been blogging for 12-18+ months, updating those older posts is likely
a quicker path toward page 1.

A common question from this advice is, “okay, so what are the most important
things to update on an old post?”

I created this pyramid to help prioritize the elements I’ve seen have the
biggest impact.

The entire process is in Some Good Content.

Link below.

Originally posted by John Bonini on LinkedIn