Modern Day selling concept is of “#Selling without selling”.

I was reading an article and was able to relate. Just check this out as a simple
analogy outside of the B2B world.

You and your spouse/partner plan to go to a pub on a weekend evening. You want
to go to a different one than what they proposed 🙄

You start suggesting the benefits of why your choice is better:

1. This one is closer in distance so we save time in commute
2. Lesser traffic so less hectic and we are less energy drained
3. You get your favourite drink (bonus)
4. Easily available seats rather than having to wait
5. They are more hospitable when full and so on...

Now what you are doing is effectively selling but as soon as your partner knows
it, you’ll be back to square one so you are doing it very cautiously by winning
the trust and genuinely making them feel it’s worth.

The benefits you are selling are true and you believe them so much yourself as
the best choice and hence the passion explaining it is visible as well.

Now, do you get it?

The 5 points above might be different from one prospect to another, so focus on
benefits and education and let them make the call. Feature selling is dead.

Try the same on your next prospect call.

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