MISTAKES I DID IN 2020. [🚨Caution: it’s a looong boring list]

I was roaming around with my laptop building a software when 2020 started.

By the time I completed developing the software, Facebook depreciated the API.

Then, along with a nomad traveler from Netherlands I started a backpackers
hostel in Munnar. And the Corona hit us. No travelers are allowed anymore. 🥳

It was during this time, I did the One Funnel Away Challenge by Russell . This
changed my life. I started affiliate marketing and made my first $1000 in the
very same month.

Excited. This news spread like fire. Gave me lot of opportunities. Started
training people.👍🏻

Made the same $1000 in a day. Woaahh!!

AUDIENCE who were once my brand ambassadors.

People with different skill levels started attending. Even those with no email
id.Not everyone was getting result.

This frustrated me. STOPPED GROUP TRAINING.

Relaunched socialhoox . Hired a girl working with my client. Invited her friends
to join.

When her friend got better position, EGO started. Created a lot of mess in the
team. Finally I had to fire her. 😢

Do you think I will stop?

NO! I will rebuild. It’s harder, I know. But Heyy, Who cares! 😏

It was an eventful year!

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