Mind Blowing Movie Buying Tip (I didn’t know this!)
Did you know....
If you buy a digital movie on Prime, Apple, Vudu, etc...and that streaming
service loses the rights to sell that movie, it will disappear from your bought
movies and there’s nothing you can do about it?
You lose the money you paid AND the movie, and the streaming service essentially
says: “Sorry son, can’t do nothing for ya’.
Unless you download the digital copy onto a hard drive or on some other storage
If you buy a hard copy of the movie, it often comes with a digital download code
that lets you download the digital version that you can download and watch
There’s also a free service called Movies Anywhere that certain studios
participate in where even if the movie doesn’t come with a digital download code
you can STILL get the digital version and watch it without worrying about losing
the rights to it.
As a movie buff, I never saw the need for buying hard copies of movies, but now
I’m re-thinking my WHOLE LIFE!!

Originally posted by Aaron Krall on Facebook
link: facebook.com/krall.aaron