Metrics vs Insights

One day a tired old elephant plods out of the forest and falls asleep in a
farmer's barn.

Amid the ensuing commotion, six curious blind mice enter the fray:

An older mouse: It something like a wall, as he falls against the elephant’s
massive sold side.

'No,' says a younger mouse, touching one of the sharp tusks. It is like a

A tree!

A rope!

A snake!

Each mouse has his or her own interpretation after touching different parts of
the elephant.

The mother was listening to everyone and trying to determine what that animal
could be?

Which is as big as wall

A part of his body looks like a tree [Legs]

A part of his body looks like a Spear [Tusks]

A part of his body looks like a rope [Trunk]

A part of his body looks like a snake [Tail]

She came to the conclusion that this could be an elephant!

A metric would give you an information about the particular part of the system
instead of complete system.

Elephant is not a tree but it still has a body part that looks like a tree.

An insight discovery is the process of evaluating related metrics and deriving
conclusion based on it.

Insight is something that could independently explain a use case or a system.

Marketing data is the most expensive and valuable data.

Without insights marketers can miss out many important aspects of the data and
could put their ROI at risk.

So insights! Insights and insights!

Try how to do it in Google Ads data

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