Messenger bots, fb groups, clubhouse, youtube ads etc - All these things don’t

Here’s why…

I’ve noticed quite a few gurus putting a big importance on focusing and/or
running ads to messenger and groups & hiring setters etc.

Most people are becoming more focused on WHERE they’re sending people

Truth is that those are all simply vehicles for communicating with your

WHERE you send them is nowhere near important as WHAT you sell them

I’ve seen a guy send people from ads into DISCORD and make $400k/month selling
courses (lol)

I’ve seen others send people straight to a calendar and likewise make 7 figures

I’ve also seen some send people to a pages with written sales copy and make 7

Does this mean we now also need to send people to a calendar, discord channels
and or a written sales page?

The most important thing is making sure you’re selling the right thing to the
right person & communicating it to them in the most efficient and effective way

And even if you were going to use a ‘new’ method….at the very least do your own
research and come up with your own conclusions before using them

Also you have to keep in mind some people teaching these methods are already at
7-8 figures & you have to question what they did/used at which stage & how
applicable it is to your current stage & where you want to go

OR they’ll mention how they’re generating ‘X figures from their group’ but you
don’t realise that they’re ALSO spending $100k+ on ads every month….

If you spend $100k to any platform it’s bound to generate you an

There’s no 1 solution for everyone...

I have nothing against Messenger and might even use it in the future but not
because someone told me to - but because I did my own research and found it to
be the best way moving forward

Curious to hear your thoughts on this below - What do you use and why?

I’m more curious about the ‘why’ then the ‘what’


Posted by Lotfi Drif on Facebook