Meet The Man Who Lost The Most Money In Human History and REGAINED !!!

Masayoshi Son. Masayoshi Son is the founder and CEO of Japanese
telecommunications conglomerate SoftBank. In the year 2000, as the dotcom bubble
swelled, Masayoshi Son's net worth peaked at $76 billion. Then the bubble burst

Masayoshi Son's net worth plummeted from an all time high of $76 billion to an
all time low of $1.1 billion. A personal loss of $74.9 billion. Ouch.

And if you do feel bad for Masayoshi Son we have some good news. With time,
Softbank slowly started to recover and rebuild. Today, Softbank is the third
largest internet company in Japan thanks largely to its acquisition of cell
phone giant Sprint. As of August 2017, Masayoshi Son owns 22% of Softbank and
has a personal net worth of $31 billion.

Originally posted by Tejash D Mehta on Facebook