Me to SaaS Founders launching on Appsumo:
So why do you want to launch on Appsumo?
Them: I just want to get traction, but I especially want feedback on my product.
Me: Sure!
*Hands over Appsumo welcome and Onboarding emails*
**A week after launch**
SaaS Founder: Can you change the emails?
I don't have the time currently to respond to everyone who replies...
Me: Of course. Lol. Glad you got what you needed. And more.
This is why I love working with SaaS teams who have the right assets (marketing
plans in place, amazing product, support team ready)...
It's so easy to get results.
Imagine just sending out 1-2 liner emails, 1-2 days after sign up...
(something like this)
"Hey NAME!
How is our [short description] tool working for you so far?"
And you get kudos and/or real customer feedback on your product. On autopilot.
You can even invite the hyper-responsive users on a call with you.
So if you're launching on Appsumo...
Or just want to get user feedback on your new product...
Or you're dying to know what's going on in the mind of your new users (bec.
they're not engaging with your product after they sign up)...
Send me a message.
Let's get those emails set up!

Originally posted by Aiza Coronado on Facebook