Me ( Getting unto a bus) : Uncle, how much?
Bus Driver : One Twenty ( $1.20 )
Me : Uncle, have One Dollar. Can? ( Trying to speak in Singlish)
Bus Driver : Ok, can! Go sit!
Me : Thank you uncle! ( Feeling guilty for not having paid the full fare ).

2015 was a rough year for me. Had quit my well paying job in Singapore and the
startup I built wasn't going as expected. Customer invoices were getting delayed
and some of our investors weren't putting in the money they had to. After paying
salaries to employees, there was nothing left for me.

I hit on a old bag of coins under my bed. I counted the coins and did the maths.
If I had to survive for a month with that bag of coins , I could manage a
one-way bus ride to office and a dinner for 30 days. For a month, I skipped
lunch and walked back home ( around 10 kms). For the first few days, as I walked
home, I cursed my investors and clients for not keeping their promise. Then it
dawned upon me that I was to blame - not planning the finances properly.

Back to 2021, WALRUS just hit 100K registered users - 100K young folks who think
they need to be smart about their money. As we process crores of rupees, we
consider it our job to make handling money fun and not having any youth stay
hungry or have to compromise on a bus ride back home.

Posted by Bhagaban Behera on LinkedIn