Me and Client, a grown-up #startup founders team were interviewing Rahul for a
CEO Mandate

Rahul came across as a perfect blend of Intelligence and Emotion, a passionate
guy, full of zeal and vigor to make it big

His knowledge of the market was immaculate and was in perfect sync for the role

The panel members were enthused to interact with him but then came the objection
from one of the panelists

The concern was that he had changed jobs too often, his average tenure was not
even 2 years and one of the founders got stuck on this angle

Founding partner quipped, We are looking for a long commitment and he cannot be
trusted though Rahul had rational for every career move

Eventually, after extensive deliberations, we had to let go of the promising

What is your view on stability, does it really matters in today’s context

Would you have hired Rahul for the role?

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Posted by Vinay Grover on LinkedIn