Marketing quiz!

One of these landing pages converts 54% better for BirdyBots than the other.

Before I reveal the answer, which one do you think & why?

And the answer is.....

The landing page on the left converts at 24.1%, compared to 15.6% for the one on
the right.

Here's 4 reasons why:

1. We stood out. 90% of SaaS companies have landing pages like the one on the
right. We decided to start from scratch & express ourselves as we knew best.

2. We simplified the visuals. The main visual didn't have anything to do with
our product, so we removed it. Don't waste your customers' time with fancy
but irrelevant visuals.

3. We clarified our value prop. On the right we don't mention the benefit we're
selling, & don't clarify exactly what we do until below the fold. The new
version on the left sells "not tweeting like a mayfly" & is upfront about
how our tool does that.

4. We reduced friction. Earlier on we wanted to learn more about people who
signed up & their use cases. Now, we've eliminated friction by just asking
for an email.

Hope this is helpful for some of you all!

Posted by Luke Cannon on Facebook