#Marketing is Changing in 2021

Your every interaction as a #business with your customers is going to change

Stay along, Let me explain

Today, a major part of business interaction with our customers happens via

Your New #Feature Launch is a type of Notification

Your New #Product Launch - A Notification

Ask for Completing Payment - A Notification

Customer Makes Purchase - You Send them a Notification

All these Notifications currently are on Email/SMS

And We Already Know

Email And SMS have very low response rates and more than half of your
notifications are not even being opened by users.

Now Imagine,

All these Notifications going to your Users on #Whatsapp

They asked for a FREE E-book, Send them on #Whatsapp

They left half-way while purchase, Ask them on #Whatsapp

You want Feedback, get it via #Whatsapp

All Automatically!

And the best thing now is:

"Your Notifications are a way to Start a Conversation and Sell More"

With Whatsapp, Your notification is not just an update,

It is a way to start a conversation

(Your Whatsapp #Chatbot continues the conversation instantly).

Gaining Further Engagements and Conversions!

Marketing is Changing!

P.s. Wish to grow your business via Whatsapp? Link in Comments for Demo.

Posted by Gautam Rajesh Shelley on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/gautam-rajesh-shelley