Making more money is one reason people change jobs or start a business but
rarely do people acknowledge it publicly. There is unspoken negativity
associated with that particular reason, and people avoid stating that.

IMHO, nothing wrong with it, and if you are clear about it, it is better to
state it (well, in most cases). It will most likely help you achieve your goal

I have cases where team members resign and lie about some family problem back
home. Later we find out they joined another organization, and the reason was
money. They are not comfortable telling the real reason and feel ashamed to stay
back when we offer the same number. They do not want to look like people who
were after money.

Once we find out they lied, it affects our relationship with them. If they had
clearly stated money as the goal (or one of the goals), I would have respected
it more (I do, and team members who have parted ways because of this reason can
attest to it).

I am not saying that there are no other reasons or that the other reasons are
not important. Your decisions should be balanced, keeping in mind the larger
picture of opportunity, passion, and all other factors considered.

All I am saying is that your intention to make more money is not something you
should be ashamed about!

Posted by Mitul Bid on LinkedIn