Making 35 k Is more than enough is what I use to say.....

Back in 2010 when I use to say this my life was so different I was living with
my parents ...I had minor bills..... I had a mediocre circle around me
real goals..... no real ambitions and my life was revolved around partying.

Well what has changed since then?

Now I am making way past that number.....My inner circle has drastically

Not only am I able to provide for my family but I am able to help others in the

You see when you start thinking bigger , not only do the things around you
change . but your income changes. your mind changes your circle of influence,
and most importantly the opportunity to impact lives presents itself more often.

The only real person that can stop you from achieving the things you want is
your self. Think bigger and you will have more than you need to help yourself,
your family and OTHERS.