Loyalty is the MOST important trait I look for in people.

I used to believe it was intelligence, hard work, people skills, discipline, or
other factors.

I hired the brightest minds when I was at Yahoo!-- genius engineers who could
outwork any of us.

Truly impressive-- and great when you have short-term projects.

But in the long run, compound interests wins.

It's what Einstein calls the 8th wonder of the world.

Get 1% better each day for a year and you're at 37.

Get 1% worse each day for a year and you're at 0.3.

As with relationships, seek loyalty--- people who will be with you for years and
decades to come.

You could take a million multiplied by a million-- and multiplied by a string of
big numbers.

But at any point in the string if you multiply by zero-- the entire thing goes
to zero.

When you're building relationships, seek loyalty above else.

The best friends I have, I've known for many years.

Posted by Dennis Yu on Facebook
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