Looking for suggestions, insight, direction, assistance and everything
in-between. 6 months ago we recognized a major problem, came up with a solution
and found an incredible CTO to create and build our vision. Currently we have
four co-founders (including our CTO) who have been extremely successful in their
respective careers, but unfortunately, those careers donโ€™t include designing,
building, and launching a SAAS product. We have already Beta tested and the
product is ready to go. As we are rolling out we are seeing that there are tons
of details we miss and it causes delays. So the question is, what do we do now?

Do we continue moving forward with our current team, and accepting what will
most undoubtedly be a steep learning curve? Or, do we find someone who has
successfully built, launched and scaled a new product?

We are a wellness based, EdTech company, focused on proactively assessing the
mental well-being of high school students using self- reported data.

Posted by Anna Felix on Facebook
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