Looking for a CTO

What e-commerce platforms did in the last decade of digitizing the complete
retail shopping experience, producing giants like Amazon, Flipkart, operating at
a scale of more than 1k-10k QPS with an uptime of 99.99%, we are doing the same
for cross border B2B commerce with a total market share of 19Trillion$, which is
20 times the valuation of Amazon.

We(Founders) from IITD and IITB, are industry veterans, having a combined
experience of more than 15 years, leading the complete north India operations of
P&G and leading as a director of PwC. Advised by tech leaders of Google, Zomato,
Samsung, Flipkart. We are well funded by well known VCs, founders of Razorpay
and Cred, and are already growing at 250% MoM.

Let's reward ourselves with the hustle to build something marvelous in the
startup ecosystem and create a dent in the universe. Let's build a tech company
10x the scale of Amazon.

If you are aligned with our vision and want to get your hands dirty right from
coding to automating the entire cross border commerce, give it a shout! See
yourself as a CTO of 10Trillion$ company.

You can check out our intro at https://www.globalfair.in/
Founders: Shaily Garg , Ashish Chandra

Reach out at: shailygarg@globalfair.in or at +91-9969288197

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