Looking back at 2020, even between all the chaos and uncertainty, a lot of
decisions start making sense.

- No Salary Cuts
- No Layoffs
- No Appraisal Delays
- Hired New Teammates

All being bootstrapped.

Pandemic wasn't kind to us either and we worked long days and weekends to stay

Our mentors guided us to focus on delivering real value, while the team kept
pushing beyond their limits.

Trusting your gut and good karma can take you a long way.

Thanks to all our Customers and Writers who continue to trust WittyPen as we
kickoff 2021 much more stronger than ever!

Ended 2020 with nothing but Gratitude🙏

Happy New Year 🎉

"You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking
backwards." - Steve Jobs

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Posted by Anshul Motwani on LinkedIn
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