Logic. 5 letters that are the driving force behind so much clients want from
their creativity. I get it. Marketing costs a lot of money and they want to make
sure it makes sense. But there’s 2 problems. First is a lot of logic is
marketing logic - by which I mean it is what clients/agencies want to be logical
rather than what audiences actually think and do. Second is in a bid to be
concise ... all the weird and interesting stuff that makes up what people
actually think and do is actively rejected or filtered out, leaving logic that
is straighter than a ruler and blander than a 1970’s TV dinner. What this means
is we end up with work that offers nothing interesting or distinctive from the
competition and has the effect of creating audience indifference rather than
energy. The great irony is if clients really want to make people give a shit
about who they are and what they do, the most effective thing they can do is to
embrace the lateral, not the literal. #RulesOfRubin