šŸš€ List of 1100+ Deep Tech Startup Investors šŸš€

Founders, take advantage of this global list to get your deep tech startup

Deep tech startups face some particularly tough fundraising hurdles.

It can be hard to find VC firms that have a working knowledge of quantum
computing, advanced mechanical engineering, or bioengineering.

The solution:

Target your fundraising outreach to VCs in your deep tech niche.

This list is separated by specialty (robotics, biotech, AI, etc.) so you can
quickly find and identify the right investors for you.

Use this list to target VC firms like:

šŸ”¹ Breakthrough Energy Ventures
($1B fund, 22 deals)

šŸ”¹ Lux Capital
($1B fund, 120 deals)

šŸ”¹ Innovation Endeavors
($330M fund, 158 deals)

šŸ”¹ +1100 more deep tech investors!

Get this list and start pitching VCs on the hunt for the next great deep-tech
startup innovation.

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