Link velocity is more important than the total number of backlinks. A website
with zero, or negative link velocity will loose rankings as certainly as night
follows day.

Here are my rules of thumb for our, and our clients' websites link building.

Link velocity allows smaller and less established websites to compete with well
established websites that have 20K domains linking back to them.

Link velocity is the speed at which a website gains new links.

I measure this in WEEKLY new referring domains.

LV 1 per Week (1 new linking domain / week)
New websites
Medium competition maintenance

LV 2 / W
New website early growth
Medium Competition growth
High Competition maintenance

LV 5 / W
Medium Competition explode
High Competition growth
Super high Competition maintenance

LV 10 / W
Medium C viral
High C explode
Super high C growth

LV 15 / W
High C viral
Super high C explode

LV 20 / W
Super high C viral

No need to mention it's not any kind of backlinks, but they need to be relevant,
based on providing value, and coming from high quality websites preferably with
tens, or hundreds of 1000s, or even millions of monthly organic visitors.

If your rankings are tanking, one important area you might want to check is your
link velocity.

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Originally posted by Fery Kaszoni on LinkedIn