Lifetime deal question:

Hey everyone, we finally just re-launched WeStrive ( woop woop).
We're a SaaS platform for personal trainers.

I'm thinking of doing some kind of "First 1000 trainers get the product for
$17/month with unlimited access for life" deal. Right now, our plans range from
$7-$100/month with most trainers being at the $17 or $35 level anyways.

I don't really see much of a down-side to it. I feel like I could run some great
ads to promote it and even if some massive trainers (that might pay me
$100+/month due to their client volume) sign-up then at least I'll have their
business (and receive the pub when they use it on IG stories, FB, etc.).

Thoughts? Has anyone done this before? Similar to an Appsumo deal.

Posted by Cory McKane on Facebook